Sunday, February 27, 2011


One of the things I do the first few months of a new year is organize. My studio, office, packing room and general storage areas look like 19 drunk unruly monkeys have run thru the rooms with wild abandon. I know it was me that did all this destructive, havoc, mess and general untidiness but REALLY cant I blame this on someone else.

The problem is storage....there is just not enough in this house. We have a garage and a large tool shed but those are both filled to the max with my previous treasures. There are some that could say I was a hoarder... I "gasp" here as I do have a small fear that one day my dh (darling husband) will submit my collecting and gathering escapades to the either one of the other hoarding TV shows or even the show INTERVENTION .... I do "shudder" at this point with fear.

Today I am going to clean no, no not clean but organize the back porch. Cleaning means getting rid of stuff...organizing means to sort, label and move things around so the place looks like is has been cleaned ! Am I a smartie pants or what...although my husband calls it bi-annual box migration.

Actually it is quite fun to look into unmarked boxes....I have found unbelievable treasures that I totally forgot I purchased 10 or 12 years best find was a whole box of Victorian baby socks...they were just too cute...perfect for tiny Christmas stockings....Ok at this point being the end of February perhaps tiny Easter stockings on a pink tree...I could start a new trend here...hmmm will have to think about that a bit...I will probably need more of these however. box is full of good junk....pens, bits of paper, price tags...useful GOOD junk so I sort and put these in the proper places. I am feeling liberated already !

Time for a coffee break......5 minutes...ok 10 minutes....30 minutes later..

I am now well rested and must finish this project ! I worked for more 2 hours....only had 5 things - boxes, baskets, & bins drop on my head...very light major blood spilled. I managed to clear a path...of course the boxes are now over 8 feet tall on both sides of this path. I will have to hold my breath as I squeeze thru the path to find treasures in the future but it looks organized. Good thing I am not claustrophobic.

I did find a large half empty plastic bin with papercups, plates and plastic silverware....hmmm, whats with that ? A perfectly good bin for storing treasures not paper products !!

I managed to throw a large gnarly box away...pretty sad shape..couldnt even duct tape it back together...although I did contemplate it. My husband will be so proud that it was tossed out.

It was physically exhilarating...especially as the storage area on the closed porch was 42 degrees.

Next project ...tackle the garage...this Spring !

Would love to hear your organizing stories...or even hoarding we will call them massive collection and accumulation stories...

Yours in whimsey,


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