Sunday, June 9, 2013

The early bird gets the .....

Bird Habitat #4

* General Byrds House *

I love this was very hard to let 
Perfect for that bird in your yard who is very bossy .....the 
one that even scares cats !

This birdhouse stands 18" tall from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the is 15" to the top of the ring on the roof.... width of the wood birdhouse base is 5.5" wide. The 
house is attached to the truck.
 The birdhouse has a metal roof with a metal star at the front...near the peak of the roof. 

The vintage metal toy truck is 12" long.  The toy truck is army green and still retains its tires and you can see a bit of the star decal on top of the trucks roof.  Toy trucks in decent 
condition are very hard to find !
The flag is cloth with a wood dowel slid into 
2 eye hooks in the back....easy to replace or add your own flag.

Because I use recycled materials, you can see that items are not perfect....some rust or a scratch here and there, 
small dent etc. is part of the charm.  

~ We haven't gotten any complaints from the birds! ~

 ~ Front View ~

 ~ Side View ~


~ Other Side View ~

~ Back view ~

 Small door in back slides open to reveal hole....great for cleaning out bird house when the General leaves his home !

* General Byrds House *

$ 110.00
plus shipping

Please let me know if you have any questions....if you prefer one shipping method over another...US Mail versus UPS...
no problem just let me know.

Watch for more bird habitats coming soon...

Yours in a whimsey, 

MADAME Whimsey
Karen A. Meer