Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A NEW Venture With The Hubbie !

A NEW venture with the hubbie...
hmmm.....did I see those brown eyes roll to the back of his ?

Yes, spring is here ! Time for new and fun projects...our garage and out buildings are brimming to the roof with treasures and a few surprises....just waiting for me to repurpose and recycle. 

We have a good size backyard filled with squirrels, rabbits, a hedgehog and birds. Last year a mama bird built a nest in a basket right next to our back door. For weeks we used the front door to get in a out of the house for fear of scaring the skittish 
mother. One day the babies decided to fly ....I actually saw them all take off from the nest....they never came back.

This spring, I decided our birds needed housing...birdie castles, birdie condos, birdie penthouses, apartments and birdie
cottages. After scrounging in our out buildings and a few thrift shops I found some fun containers & embellishments 
for the birds habitats. 

Here is the first of many to come that we are also offering for the wise owl would say 
"what a hoot"....

~ The Castle ~

Fit for the expecting Queen and her future brood and 
standing all of 19.5" tall ...this deluxe accommodation is made of a large lidded potato chip tin with an upside down 
funnel at the top. A lamp burner rests on the funnel spout giving the 
illusion of a tower with a turret.

The base of the castle is 7.5" diameter.

The front of the tin showcases a large brass crossed axe and sword, a over the entrance hole (1.25" opening) that has metal beading and a vintage skeleton key inserted in 
a metal key hole for a perch.

Each side of the large tin feature an oval filigree with a large brass lion head as if roaring and a large brass laundry pin which functions as a hanger to hang from a tree with your chain or wire. Of course, one must hang a metal birdhouse out of the sun.

The top of the castle is attached with screws thus allowing the owner to open the can and clean occasionally for the next set of Royalty.

Because I use recycled materials, you can see that items are not perfect....some rust or a scratch here and there, small dent etc. is part of the charm.  

~ We haven't gotten any complaints from the birds ! ~

~ The Castle ~


$ 95.00 
plus shipping

 Please let me know if you have any questions....if you prefer one shipping method over another...US Mail versus problem just let me know.

Watch for more bird habitats coming soon...

Yours in a whimsey, 

MADAME Whimsey
Karen A. Meer



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