Friday, May 1, 2009

Where should one start......

To start this journey of blogging.....I live in a small town...called Oconomowoc.... it is an Indian word meaning "falling waters"... yes, we have a huge waterfall...all of 4 feet tall. ME thinks those city founding fathers had a tendency to grandiose a few things...hmmm, wonder what their darling wives would have to say about that !

In this sweet little town we have 55 lawyers, 25 dog groomers, 18 bars, 12 gynecologists, 8 liquor stores, 7 coffee shops, 5 tanning salons, 4 huge grocery stores, 2 dentists ( 1 operates a tattoo parlor ), 2 tattoo parlors, 1 McDonalds, 1 Taco Bell, 1 Starbucks, 1 teddy bear artist, 1 antique store,1 Post Office, 1 UPS & 1 craft store.

Soooooo.... if you need an attorney for your coffee drinking dog who ate a bad hamburger, taco or the mailman....and you like to have "nookie" before you sip from an antique glass of merlot at the dentists office while sitting for a tattoo with a teddy bear in one tanned arm and a bag of mail and groceries in the other.... this is the place to live !

OK...OK... I may be lying about the lawyers......there are only 54 of them here.

Yours in a whimsey,

MADAME Whimsey


  1. Well pin a rose on my nose!!!
    I'm so happy to see you dear Madame in blog-omowoc.
    I just have to know......HOW many tattoos do you have??
    Bugs & Fishes-

  2. Hia Karen, er, Madame Whimsey!
    So happy to see you have finally arrived in blogland. What took so long....couldn't find a parking spot?
    I'll be sure to buckle up and hold on tight as you take us on a wild ride of whimsey!

  3. You hit your goal ... I am amused!!!!! A great start ... welcome to Blog Land Karen!

  4. Karen, what a delightful web thing!! This is something I'm entirely new at, so you're the one and only "blog" person in my young on-line life. Of course, you've always been the artistic genius of our "Meer" tribe. Blog on sista! P.S. I'm still waiting for a call from Tom. P.S.S. What do the profile choices mean?

  5. Well...Miss Lulu

    You show me your tattoos and I will show you mine...although only my husband, my gynecologist and my dentist have actually seen them. MW

  6. Thank you All Bear !

    This is going to be FUN !!!!


  7. Hey Anonymous...

    Hmmmmm, me thinks this is my sister-in-law...or is it my sister-out-law husband has 6 sisters and this is the one who is a rascal !

    Now, dear sista ...I will mention to Tom to call you just don’t listen to their wives even my dh (darling husband) goes in one ear and out the other ear....unless there is the word “fish”...”food”...or “sex” in the sentence if I said “ Your sister saw two fish having sex while eating food "...he would probably listen to me. MW