Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another peek at my website offerings....

~ Bessy Culpepper ~

19" tall to top of hat

Bessy Culpepper of the famous New Orleans Culpeppers wears
an antique white lawn dress with a vintage bone brooch
stating her name "Bessy". Around her waist, she wears a double ribbon
of polka dots with a double bow in the back.

Her chapeau is made of straw with Fall foliage, leaves & fruit.

Bessy has glass eyes and staining around eyes and snout
for vintage appeal.

She is made of a distressed tan mohair with a dark back.
Her paws are leather& she has a pearl cotton nose. When tipped
she emits a wonderful growl.

She comes with her friend Rudy The Rooster and a vintage childs
tea cup and saucer.

" One Of A Kind "

$ 495.00

Free shipping until Nov. 14 for US only.

Yours in a whimsey,


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