Friday, February 4, 2011

A true confession... husband has left me......for a fish. Yes, dear readers I am one of those lucky wives whose husband is an ice fisherman. I actually did go ONE TIME with him on an ice fishing adventure. I froze my butt off and kept asking him where the potty was. Needless to say he has never asked me to go with him again, go figure.

Well since he is gone I am fervently creating my wee Valentine webshow...and I got a taste for chocolate. I knew he received a jumbo Hershey bar from his Godchild at Christmas and it was still hiding in his secret stash refrigerator drawer...huh, he thinks I dont look there, the rascal !

I figured since he got a nice mini vacation that the jumbo candy bar is MINE. I can always put a piece of cardboard in the wrapping and a few months from now tell him the chocolate is probably rancid and should be tossed.

Well, I dug out the candy bar and it looked enticing and started to call to was DARK favorite. I carefully opened up the package and snapped off about 1/3 of it...grabbed a mug of hot coffee and simply enjoyed every morsel. Now it is 15 minutes later and I still do not feel guilty..ha ha..that bar was definitely meant for me.

Chocolate and no guilt ...can the day get any better !

Yours in a whimsey,


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