Thursday, February 24, 2011

What time is it ?

It is chocolate donut tax time !!! The only way I can entice myself to do the dreaded taxes is to promise myself a chocolate donut. I started to layout all the paperwork, load up the tax program and realized there was NO CHOCOLATE DONUTS in the house. The closet chocolate donut place was the local gas station 3 blocks away.....yes, even gas station donuts are still technically considered DONUTS ! I threw on my coat, scarf and "chocolate buying" winter boots, grabbed my purse & examined it for cash and grabbed a large yellow envelope.

I went outside and saw my darling husband shoveling snow and shouted to him...I am going to the Post Office and waved the envelope to prove I was going to the gas station...oops Post Office...tee hee.

Three blocks later I was in front of the large case of delicious bakery...unfortunately it had been raided earlier in the day, the shelves were quite sad looking and were about 95% empty...BUT there was chocolate donuts on the bottom shelf calling my name and I just knew they were meant for ME.

I grabbed the largest one...and decided to take a second one in case my girlfriend Mrs. S stopped in. Of course she hasn't been to my home in 6 or 7 months but one never knows does one ? Of course one cant have a chocolate donut without a huge mocha coffee so I snagged one of those as well....and a large bag of Cheetos....just in case the tax preparation becomes too much for my brain cells. I have heard Cheetos aid in reproducing ones brain cells or is that fat, I truly think it is brain cells.

I waited a few minutes and arrived home with the donuts stashed inside my jacket...I had to hurray into the house before my husband smelled the enticing aroma of bakery & I had to share.

I laid the bag down and threw my coat over the treasure...he never knew what he was missing poor fellow.

So I proceeded with the taxes....yuck.....30 minutes later my husband left for work...he yelled goodbye and I ran into the kitchen as the door was closing...the tax prep was over and donut time was NOW. I was so tantilized by the first donut that I barely tasted I proceeded to the second one for my girlfriend Mrs. S. I did feel a bit guilty about eating it so I wrote her an email stating -

I am eating a chocolate donut…I got two of them.... one for me and one for you… BUT since you are far far away I know you will want me to eat the second one. Karen

I didnt hear back from I knew it was OK.

I managed to save the bag of Cheetos for later. Of course when my darling husband arrived home from work later that day he asked where the bag of Cheetos came from...I managed to mumble something about my awful day of tax prep and I may need a back rub.

The day ended quite nicely, thank you...tee hee hee.

Yours in a whimsey,


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