Friday, May 3, 2013

It's For The Birds......too much fun...

Bird Habitat # 2

Maxwell's House

OK....the name of this birdhouse is just a bit obvious and somewhat but you never know if that homeless intelligent bird may have this exact name! 

Hopefully it doesn't belong to some hungry feline. 

Constructed with a vintage coffee can as the house ....the open air roof with patio is a bent vintage license plate. On the 
of all the higher class birdie neighbors. 

Each side of the house is attached a vintage brass laundry pin in which to hang on a tree with your chain or wire. 
As you understand since the house is should be 
placed in a shaded area out of direct sun.

The decor of the house consists of 4 antique typewriter keys spelling "BIRD" for the intelligent fowl and we all know cats can not read. A pocket watch frame surrounds the 1.25" opening entrance. A vintage spoon handle below the opening 
as a perch completes this enchanting abode.

The top of the coffee can is attached with screws thus allowing the 
owner to open the can and clean occasionally 
for the next tenant.

Because I use recycled materials, you can see that items are not perfect....some rust or a scratch here and there, small 
dent etc. is part of the charm.  

~ We haven't gotten any complaints from the birds ! ~

This birdhouse is 10" tall with a base at 5" diameter.


Maxwell's House

* SOLD *

$ 62.00 
plus shipping

 Please let me know if you have any questions....if you prefer one shipping method over another...US Mail versus problem just let me know.

I would LOVE to hear your comments !

Watch for more bird habitats coming soon...

Yours in a whimsey, 

MADAME Whimsey
Karen A. Meer



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