Friday, January 28, 2011

Where did I go ...

Well some of us are quite lax at blogging this past month and of course one of those nefarious persons is ME ! I have had a lot of scenarios to write about and composed stories in my head but they never seem to have made it onto the I have been doing a lot of organizing, paperwork and studio looks like wild monkeys & squirrels have run thru it...I cant believe I can make such a mess and still be creative.

OK..I am starting fresh in blogging as of today now that January is almost over.

I listen to books on tape while I create...I tend to go thru one author at a time. Currently I am listening to Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child novels...very interesting I must say. I find his characters fascinating and a bit "outside the box" so to speak which is good as I am the same way. The most recent novel was THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE...a very good read so to although I listen rather than actually read. I love to read books but I have a terrible problem of not stopping when I should. I will start a book at 10 pm and read all nite until finished at the wee hours in the morning....of course this is not good if one also enjoys a good nite

By listening to the books on tape I find my breaks between working are quite shortened as I cant wait to get back to the novel to see what happens next thus I am more productive.

Our local public library is fabulous I can order almost any book on tape or cd from the entire state which is great as I can start with an entire authors series from start to finish. I have been hooked on this for 30 years now. My biggest fear is that I will run out of

OK...enough of my book listening escapades. I am trying to pull together a Mini Valentines Web show for my website -

& some whimsical Valentine bracelets for

I just put 2 pieces up for your perusal. I have several more styles coming and hope to get at least 2-3 up every day on my MADAME Whimsey Etsy page. As always, special orders are always welcomed !

Yours in a whimsey,