Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tip Of The Day - Tip #1 Put Your Phone Number On Your Bra

OK.....I decided to start my official Tip Of The Day...I may not be able to post EVERY DAY but will try to do so a few times each week.

TIP # 1 - Put Your Phone Number On Your Bra

I decided to dye my hair today, yes, I know you thought these lovely red-purple spikes were my natural color but underneath lies some pretty persistent grey hairs. All was OK when I turned on the electric heater in the worlds tiniest bathroom (Vict. home here, bathroom is the size of a matchbox). I removed my top and bra & laid them carefully on the edge of the bathtub which unfortunately is right next to the toilet.

I proceeded to apply the dye and was satisfied with the application. I decided during the 40 minutes of wait time for the dye to do its job that I would make a pot of bean soup. All the ingredients were added to the large pot and I felt very smug with myself for multitasking I opted for a cup of coffee thus placing the cup in the microwave. The refrigerator then started up at the exact same time the microwave kicked on ..... the microwave, the refrigerator and ALL the lights went out including the bathroom & kitchen as well. I was motionless for 20 seconds and then stumbled around for a flashlight. I decided NOT to go down in our dark dungeon 108 year old basement to flip the breaker back on as unfortunately those lights were out as well there are way too many spiders, perhaps a mouse or two and I truly feel a space alien might be lurking in one of the back corners (childhood fear).

My darling husband of course was at work so the flashlight would be my guide in the darkness of the kitchen/bathroom. I went into the well lit dining room and noticed on the clock that my 40 minute deadline for dye removal was approaching. I went back into the worlds tiniest very dark bathroom and using the flashlight managed to push my top & bra farther down the tub edge. I turned on the bathtub faucet and rinsed my hair thoroughly ..again I felt quite smug with myself.

As with most ladies after a cup of lukewarm coffee it was time to pee...I managed to do so in the dark and of course flushed the toilet, washed my hands & grabbed my top and bra off the side of the tub. I went back into the well lit dining room to redress or so I thought. All I had in my hand was my top. I stumbled back into the bathroom scrambling for the flashlight ....NO BRA WAS FOUND.

OK... naughty swear words here.....%$#$%)@#%$% !  

I can only imagine when the local sewer company comes across my bra floating in the cesspool...good grief I hope my floating bra isn't downloaded on You Tube or listed on the "look what this crazy woman did" website as a few of my friends are there now....heck, I even contemplated a ''LOST" poster but the neighbors think I am nutty enough as it is.

Darn, it was my lucky bra ....I guess now I have to call it my unlucky bra.

So my tip of the day is print your phone number on your bra or even your email could get lucky and get it back !

Yours in a whimsey, MADAME Whimsey

PS The soup was yummy....I even put a small bowl by the basement stairs was gone an hour later....the bowl as well.....hmmm, I TOLD YOU THERE WERE SPACE ALIENS IN THE BASEMENT !

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