Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas one & all !

As I sit here checking emails & drinking a large mug of eggnog with a shot of brandy
(OK one cant lie on Christmas Eve.....2 shots of brandy..OK OK.... 2.5 shots)
I want to wish all my readers a wonderful
Christmas Eve from my
home to yours.

With warmest regards & a lovely eggnog mustache,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guess who came to my front door...

I was working on my computer the other day when gazing out of my window I spotted an interesting gentleman coming down the sidewalk. I grabbed my camera and ran to the front door. I pulled it open and guess who was there. OK..he pretended he was the mailman BUT I knew was the jolly fellow himself, yes it was Santa Claus !

He was in a hurry but kind enough to allow me to take his photo. I asked as to why I havent gotten any presents yet. He asked the usual question...where you good this year? I said No of course as I am a honest lass. He chuckled and said I had only a few days left to correct that situation. So far it has been an ordeal to be good.

However, I bet if I submit this to the National Enquirer I would cause quite a stir although probably not many presents would be coming my way. Alas, I decided to share this with my followers only as who know the National Enquirer would probably accuse him & his elves and reindeer of nasty fisky activities between the elves, fights between the reindeer and heaven only knows what Mrs. Claus is doing these days with that rum soaked fruitcake.

This photo is my present to you !

Yours in a whimsey,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a Wee bit

OK....I finally got the Wee Christmas Web Show up and running...I feel like I gave birth to an elephant with spikey shoes and curly feathers coming out of his trunk. I wanted to keep it simple...yeah, right. But late last nite it was ready to launch !

Sent out my first notices at midnite..and actually woke up to emails with I guess I have some nite owl customers. Thank you !

Come and take a wee peek....

As always....special & custom orders are welcomed !

With warmest regards,


Monday, December 13, 2010

What happened to Thanksgiving !

Honestly, I swear yesterday was Thanksgiving....I woke up today and realized that holiday was over 2 weeks ago. Yes, time does fly around here. I was busy making mohair pieces for one of my stores on the East Coast that done...whew, that was a lot of work & wow did the time speed by.

Now I have decided to do a Wee Christmas Webshow ! Yes, I know Christmas is next there are still plenty of days left before then. I have a number of fun pieces I want to feature so stay tuned to the exact date...I will post it here and on the Enter page of my website -

All the best to you & yours,