Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Will Fowl You Anywhere.....

Bird Habitat # 3

~ Wings Of Flight ~

I love copper & was tickled to find this coffee pot a few weeks ago. I actually had this designed  in my head even before I
arrived home & just knew what a whimsical 
bird house this would make.

The birdhouse stands 9.75" tall. The pot retains its 
original brass knob on the lid as well as 
the wood handle on the side.

On the front a fairy as in flight rests in front of a vintage clock face. A brass set of wings & a ring of filigree decorate the 
opening which is 1.25" diameter. As a perch I added a vintage  brass keyhole with rod & a vintage 
brass button at the end.

On each side of the coffee pot we attached a loop for hanging on the tree with your wire or chain.

The top of the coffee pot lifts up as usual thus allowing the owner to clean occasionally for the next tenant.

Because I use recycled materials, you can see that items are not perfect....some rust or a scratch here and there, 
small dent etc. is part of the charm.  

~ We haven't gotten any complaints from the birds ! ~

Wings Of Flight


$ 85.00
plus shipping

Side note: I found an exact duplicate of this copper coffee pot unadorned at an antique mall. I was just about to purchase it the price tag at $100 stopped me.....

 Please let me know if you have any questions....if you prefer one shipping method over another...US Mail versus UPS...
no problem just let me know.

Watch for more bird habitats coming soon...

Yours in a whimsey, 

MADAME Whimsey
Karen A. Meer  



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