Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh my...it is time to take down the Christmas decor...

Yes, it is Feb. 1 and I simply must take down my Christmas decorations & trees. For some folks there would be a gasp of horror. These people would be aghast that I waited so long to remove my Christmas treasures to the storage. These kind of people take down their holiday cheer the day AFTER Christmas...this is where I gasp ! My neighbor who shall go nameless actually has been seen throwing her tree out on Dec. 26...I may take pictures next year & post them just to prove it is true.

OK...I have to admit here...there was a time..a number of years ago I actually took my tree down on April 1st. It had been a live tree but OK it was definitely dead by then. I probably would have left it stay up longer but for my father in law. He stopped over on a March 31 and his eyes bugged out when he saw our 7' tree still standing in the living room. He thought he was so amusing as he would shake a branch or two then 3 and all the needles fell off the appendage. I was quite irritated with the gentleman as the tree was doing no harm to anyone..it was just a bit brown and I thought the color did show off the Christmas ornaments quite nicely. Well as he proceeded to shake all the branches the tree did start to look a wee bit bare....Charlie Brown would be so proud. So in my embarrassment I took the tree down the next day. Thirty some years later I am still finding dead needles in hidden places in my living room. My father in law has passed away since then and I do think of the stinker whenever I discover one of those nasty fossilized needles.

Yours in a whimsey,


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