Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victorian Fancies for My Lady ~ # 1

A few years back I was lucky to go to Paris for a summer and shared a Paris apt with my good friend Jane. She went to study at the Sorbonne and I got to the flea markets. We both knew that I got the better end of the deal. I found treasures galore.....french lace, ribbon, trims, velvet, charms, scraps, millinery flowers, silk fabrics, dolls & clothing. I have been hoarding these items waiting for the right creation.... thus my Victorian Fancies for My Lady started to tickle my brain cells.

I love Victorian....the houses ( live in, the toys, the ephemera, the furniture and decor, the mannerisms, the clothing, the fripperies to name a few and of course the footwear. I created some Victorian slippers ...I had a ball making these fact I contemplated keeping them..all of My home showcases several feather trees with themes ...most of them are up all year long. They bring me joy during those days I need a bit of whimsey in my life. A white feather tree covered with Victorian slippers would be a lot of fun especially for my bedroom.

I decided to make 13 slippers ..and I could keep ONE for myself. I created them with both front and back covered with either paper or cloth…..a heel is added for a dimensional view. The edges are covered in assorted trims or tinsel roping. The front features an antique scrap from my extension collection. From there I added the covering for the toes with antique lace, silk or velvet. I tuck in a bit of cotton into the toe…then the fun begins…ornamentation with ribbons, jewels, vintage crepe paper, velvet flowers, Dresden pieces and a few slippers with antique bisque dolls. The length of the slipper is around 7.5 inches long without the hanger. Hangers can be removed with a scissors...I just like to give options.

A few ideas - pinkeeps, eye glass case, wall décor, hostess or Mothers Day gift, candy container, jewelry or perfume bottle holder, potpourri, party favor, display under glass dome or Valentine for a friend, sister, mother, favorite aunt or teacher !

Thus I present to you my first two slippers.....

   * Victorian Fancies for My Lady *

~ Slippers A & B ~

Slipper A - "Sophie's Choice"

Slipper insole is a dark rose antique velvet from an old scarf.  The toe cap is
 French lace with a silk liner adorned with  
velvet flowers, antique scrap,  German metallic edging, silk bud with petals - 
taken from an antique Flapper hat. 
Outsole (part that touches the ground) & heel are paper
7.5 inches w/o hanger

$ 38.00


Slipper B - "Sasha's Delight"
Slipper insole is paper with black lace design. The toe cap is antique black floral lace 
adorned with an antique German 
girl scrap, velvet ribbon edging & frontal bow with a
 rhinestone star, vintage pink crepe paper 
fan with polka dot insert.
Outsole of slipper & heel are vintage black velvet.
7.5 inches w/o hanger

$ 38.00

~ Outsoles AKA bottoms of slippers ~

I take Paypal, money order or even personal check.....a small amount for shipping is added as well. 
Any questions or if you wish a custom designed slipper ..

Email -

Yours in a whimsey, MADAME Whimsey


Karen A. Meer

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