Monday, February 11, 2013

Lesson For The Week # 1 Anatomy of A Shoe or Slipper

 ~ Lesson For The Week ~

I always loved learning...when I was younger and very bored at home I would pull 
out a book..not just any book but an encyclopedia ....I spent hours 
laying in front of the heater reading about the world and beyond. 
I never told my husband I did this as he cant get over the fact
 I always beat him at Trivial

I love Discovery, HG TV, Travel, A&E, NatGeo, History Channel and the
 internet...all great resources  that taught me about the rest of the world 
& beyond that I somehow missed in the encyclopedias....

Anyway I have learned some interesting things during my past  
as an art teacher, a wife, an aunt, a house slave, an artist, antique dealer, 
tv watcher and sex ed teacher...but that is a whole other story.
I decided to share these lessons with you....

Lesson # 1

 ~ Anatomy of A Shoe or Slipper ~

I only recently came across this lesson while designing my own altered art slippers...
called Victorian Fancies For My Lady. I wasn't sure what to call the
bottom and top part of the slipper..I knew one was the 
sole but which was which ?

I found out that there are different parts to the sole which is a generic term 
for both of those areas ....
yes, I know you are now quite captivated !

 This lesson is perfect for the shoe collector & shoe maker even 
those with a shoe fetish....such as my mother...

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