Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tip Of The Day - # 2 How To Keep Your Husband From Touching Your Goodies

Tip Of The Day - # 2  

How To Keep Your Husband From Touching Your Goodies husband and I have always had this unspoken pact...he or she who has their own private goodies DOES NOT TOUCH the other ones goodies unless permission is given. I personally have had no problem with this for 30+ years of marriage. HOWEVER  my darling husband (dh) does have a major problem hmmm...shall we say with keeping his hands off my candy,
 special treats even Weight Watchers snacks.

The man is a virtual vacuum cleaner when it comes to having eye contact then mouth contact with anything that appears edible....well almost everything as I will explain below. I can save a treat for 
weeks and even husband cant stand knowing that something yummy is in the house. He reasons that it must be for him if it is still there after 24 hours. I don't mind sharing if he asks....but blatant snatching my goodies just isn't right.

I read on Pinterest a few weeks back about how to hide these segregated treats from the temptation of others.....very very simple ...geesh, why didn't I think of this wonderful albeit brilliant idea... take an empty Kotex or tampon box .....insert goodies inside & hide in closet....NO MAN that I know
 of would even think of opening that box  Now don't get over zealous and hide the box in the kitchen cupboard...even the simplest of men might figure this one

Now my contribution to this idea is how to hide frozen treats...hee hee hee...I feel so n
I will eat frozen baby brussel sprouts. know where I am going with this one...empty the bag of brussel sprouts, wash out the bag and insert frozen treats with a clip holding it shut...this is one of the 
only foods my man will not eat....ha ha ha.

OK I do have to admit I did kind of steal or I would say indulged in one of his treats...geesh, ladies will understand this ...I found a Hershey candy bar in a drawer and yes I knew it wasn't mine. I started out with one square, then 2 and all at once the entire bar was gone...yes, this was the BIG candy bar....I think his Godchild gave it to him one Easter. I have a very good excuse was a bad day...appliance problems, mother problems, sister problems, hair problems etc ....I needed a quick fix & scrounged the kitchen for I devoured the candy bar.. To this day he has
never mentioned the missing candy bar....
so I am safe for now.

Yours in a whimsey,

MADAME Whimsey


Karen A. Meer

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