Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Web Show is coming soon....

Yes, I will have an Easter Web Show...and yes, I realize Easter is on Sunday...lol.

Well, due to house problems.....a huge pipe in basement cracked and flooded our basement with not such nice stuff, our plumber went on vacation for a week and then when the pipe finally got replaced they hit a light that shorted and knocked out 1/2 of our house electricity...which included the 1/2 of the house with the computer and sewing machine. Yesterday, the electrician fixed the problem and life is back to normal "gulp" I hope.

Needless to say I have fallen behind at least a week. So.........I am frantically finishing up the pieces that will be featured on my Easter Web Show....hopefully tomorrow unless the lightning I hear in the distance strikes our home...lol. Ok...that is not funny.

Yours in a semi-catatonic-albeit frenzied-humble state of being,


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