Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And yet another trifle....for your perusal.... a whimsical pincushion !

This whimsical pincushion on my Easter web show was fun to create.
I called this one of a kind...

~Victorian Easter Frippery

Over the years I have accumulated a rather large collection
of antique portrait pins and sometimes
select one to place on
a creation when it calls for an interesting
bit of trifle !

The bunny is 4..25" tall .... entire vignette is 12.5" from
bottom of base to top of bunny ear.

I just love the polka dot sash !

Note vintage millinery flowers...very hard to find these days.

Completely hand-sewn bunny.

This endearing pinkeep
commemorates the days from long ago.
A wee hand-sewn white wool bunny sits upon a 2-tone
chocolate wool egg. The arms of the bunny are jointed with one holding
a wee basket waiting for Easter treats.

The bunny named Harvey wears a silk ribbon gathered collar,
has an embroidered nose with tiny bead eyes.
A pink blush covers his tummy.
The large egg features on the front, 2 wool felt medallions of creme
and pink with a brown pleated ribbon encircling the egg.
On top of the medallions is a wired creme with brown polka dot sash, 2 vintage floral sprays, a brown velvet ruffle
& an antique portrait pin of a mother and daughter.

The bunny is removable as it is attached with a vintage corsage pin to the egg.
The egg rests on 2 wool felt skirts of pink and a star shaped dark brown.
The egg is permanently attached to the wood base which displays a velvet ribbon.
Both bunny & egg are stuffed with polyfil.

~Victorian Easter Frippery~

Price $ 195.00

Free shipping to US.
Paypal accepted!

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.....I dont bite much !

Yours in a whimsey,

Karen A. Meer

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