Friday, March 25, 2011

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I was recently corresponding with a bidder of mine on Ebay. She was curious about my last is what she wrote -

Hello, Karen.

I love your art & recently bid on your "Emmeline & Friends" vignette. I was disappointed my bid was not sucessful, however I was quite interested in your surname as it is also my mother's maiden surname. She was born in Co Sligo, Ireland in 1930 & imigrated to the Philadelphia area at age 19. She was 24 & my father 31 when they wed. My father was so fond are saying she was a meer child. I believe there are a few Meer families in America that have their roots in the west of Ireland.

I thought I'd share my background in the event your family (or your husband's) is from Ireland as well. It is such an unusual Irish name. My mother would tell me the Meer's were quite smart or quite sassy or both. Some were a bit daft she'd say. Her favorite Meer cousin was Cassie Meer Mazza who was a bit of an actress & a Broadway Producer. She was a wonderful character who called everyone darling!

Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you.

My best, Kate

I wrote back -

Dear Kate,

HI..what a great email...thank you for the "meer" info ! My husbands family comes from Germany...maybe Van Der Meer. In fact our niece found family in Germany recently and they have been emailing back and forth. I keep meaning to get the info and correspond as well. I am part Irish with my moms maiden name being O'Donnell. So I have more Irish blood so to speak than my husband...he is definitely close to being ALL stubborn and dry wit. Being part Irish I am the smart, sassy AND daft one in the

I often ask my husband to help me with my "crazy" projects around the house and use the excuse that I am just a meer woman and thus need his strength and intelligence to get the project done. He just rolls his eyes at it still seems to work after 30 years of marriage.

We have a good friend who came from Ireland years ago...I love to hear her speak...she tells us stories about her of 19 is a hoot to hear about her relation & their antics.

OK..enough of my stories.

Thank you for the email...I loved reading it.

With warmest regards and an Irish blessing,

Karen The Daft

Hi, Karen.

Thanks for your nice words. Meer does sound more German or Dutch. Maybe some drunken Irishman said he wanted more beer, and with his brougue it sounded like he said his name was Meer!!

Does your husband know who Johnny Vander Meer was? If he's a fan of baseball he should know.

Feel free to include anything you'd like in your blog. My (first)cousins in Ireland may write back!

I'd be delighted if you'd include me on your mailing list. I do like my fancy tickled.

Nice chatting with you, Karen. Have a grand weekend.

Kate Sacco


OK all you Irish cousins...I would love to hear from you....even the smart, sassy and daft ones !

Yours in a whimsey,

Karen The Sassy

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