Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh Me Oh My....I have been a busy little beaver.....

I truly believe my fingers were permanently glued to my keyboard this past week...lol...listing items on Ebay and Etsy before the holiday craziness starts. Yes, I stated craziness...in the past I have actually completed orders on Christmas Eve....lol.

For those who do not know about Etsy ...it is a website that features artists work along with art & craft supplies and vintage items more than 20 years old.

I find a lot of my treasures on Etsy..oops, I just gave away a secret...but lets keep it between you and me !

In the artist section of Etsy, I have listed some of my OOAK Pocket Watch Vignettes in which I had so much fun creating. They are like little showcases of tiny treasures and vin
tage images.

Today I am listing my charm bracelets ......I have always loved charms....at the age of 13 I would order charm catalogs from the back of magazines. When the catalogs arrived I would circle the charms I wanted. Of course I wanted all of them...lol...a very greedy little girl was I.

I still retain my girlhood charm bracelet and add to it every once in awhile...I think the last charm was from a trip to Paris. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower all by myself (my girlfriend had a French class and wasnt interested). I found a cute little souvenir shop and bought a Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower. One day I will tell about my other Paris adventures. The trip was what
got me started in jewelry making.

Here are one of my Pocket Watch Vignettes and Charm Bracelets
below .....
just to tease you....

* * Bella Floras Escapades * *

* * Grandma Was A Cowgirl * *

* SOLD *

Thank you for your purchase !

Take a peek at my other necklaces and charm bracelets that have been listed on this fun site -

If you are not sure how Etsy works and interested in purchasing or have any questions....just email me at

Thank you !


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