Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A local show...

Well...just when I think I have enough on my plate to do before the holiday rush....I decided to do a local show at the Waukesha Expo center....it was a flea market type with a smattering of newer items....the first time being held. Crowds were good on Saturday with Sunday a bit slow.

I found a great jar of buttons, a vintage celluloid head jester rag-style doll, a snowman display piece, gumball charms for my bracelets and vintage doll clothes for my bears.... finding treasures always make the show more fun...lol.

Just a few treasures found in my booth ....

* The Five Harlots *

They will do anything for a charm bracelet !

* Necklaces & Bracelets *

* Pop Art Bracelet & Necklace *
A charming extravaganza....

~ Bracelet $ 56.00

~ Necklace $ 98.00

Whistles, compass, tiny cereal boxes, animals, false teeth, toothpaste
tube, tiny soda cups & cans, hot dog, hamburger, 4 leaf clover,
baseball, hairbrush, lantern, pirate ship, pair of feet,
crayons, monopoly pieces, telephones,
birds, helicopter, wine
bottle, monkey,
tiny light

...just to name a few charms and trinkets
found on either piece.

Yours in a whimsey,


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