Sunday, May 10, 2009

WACKO Friend Story # 1

Well...dear readers...and fellow bloggites, I felt it was the perfect time to tell you the story of one of my dear Wacko friends.

Many years ago this dear lovely woman (who shall remain nameless) was cooking dinner one evening for her family. Now she doesn't consider herself a domestic goddess nor Martha Stewart but she was able to throw together quickly a few tidbits for her hungry brood. One recipe she specialized in was beef roll-ups...she rolls thin slices of beef and adds assorted veggies to the inside and spices and oil to the outside of each and then cooks these gems under the broiler.

In her haste, she grabbed a can of Pam or so she thought and sprayed the outside of one roll-up with a light coating. Unfortunately, it was a can of oven cleaner. Realizing her mistake she quickly washed the roll-up under the faucet, dried it off and resprayed it once more with the correct can of Pam. She placed a toothpick in the roll-up and finished cooking these tasty morsels.

She presented the roll-up with the toothpick to her husband and the remainder to her family.

Aghast, when she told me the story I did ask if there was any residual effects or health problems with her husband....she told me " no, not really ...but ever since then, in the dark, late at night certain parts of him do glow in the dark " !

Yours in a whimsey,

MADAME Whimsey

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